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Cecil D. Lewis 







The Nine Satanic Statements 

The Doctrine' of God 

The Doctrine of Sin 

The Doctrine of Satan 

The Doctrine of Sex 

The Doctrine of Sacrifice in Rituals 

The Doctrine of Life After Death 

The Doctrine of Heaven and Hell 


Membership Requirements 
Or^-anir-ation of the Church 
Members and Military Service 


Rituals of the Church 
Devices Used in Rituals of the Church 
Critique of the Satanic Bible 
Writer's Conclusions 





Anton LaVey was born in Chicago of Mixed Ruraanian- 
German-gypsy parentage. His family moved to San Francisco 
a few years later. As a youngster t he was very talented 
musically, and by the time he was sixteen, he was playing 
second oboe in the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, In 
spite of his own accomplishments, his restlessness would 
not allow him to complete high school at this time. Dur- 
ing his junior year, at the age of seventeen, he left home 
when he obtained a job working with the Clyde Beatty Cir- 
cus as a cage boy. Within the first year, he had advanced 
to a position as an assistant lion trainer. The circus 
also used his musical talent as a calliope player. 

Even this work, however, was not fully satisfying 

and the following year he left the circus and began work 

as a mind-reader's assistant with a carnival. It was 

during these days that LaVey insists he formed strong 

opinions of the Christian Church which influenced the 

direction of his life with regard to religion. He states: 

On Saturday night I would see men lusting after 
half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday 
morning when I was playing the organ for tent-show evan- 
gelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would 
see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives 

and children, asking God to forgive them and purge 
them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night 
they'd be back at the carnival or some other place 
of indulgence. I knew then that the Christian Church 
thrives on hypocrisy, and that man's carnal nature 
will out.l 

At the same time that LaVey was learning the trade 
of the carnival magician, he was becoming increasingly 
interested in the occult. He began to study the world of 
the supernatural, witchcraft, ESP, and other related sub- 

Again he tired of this life and returned to San 
Francisco where he finished his schooling, and graduated 
from City College. With the dedication and purpose that 
seems quite normal, LaVey married and then obtained a 
job on the San Francisco Police Department as a photog- 
rapher. He continued to work with the SFPD for three 
years. In this tiflie he viewed the worst of the San Fran- 
cisco criminal subculture in the routine of official in- 
vestigations of crime in the city. At the end of three 
years he resigned and began working as a professional 
organist in San Francisco night clubs. 

During the 1960's he and his wife initiated a 
home-study group of the occult. Certain friends who 

1 Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible (New Yorki 
Avon Books, 19^9 )» p. !• 

were interested in the occult began studying with them. 
LaVey's personal study of Satanism and the occult took 
on more intense purpose as he methodically worked on a 
personal view of the subject. 


NewspaDer accounts of spectacular, criminal acts 
by both individuals and groups who were supposedly Satan 
worshippers became a matter of concern to LaVey and his 
friends. He insisted that true Satanists, as he envis- 
ioned them, would not commit such acts. 

Convinced that someone must move to counteract 
these false impressions, Anton Sxandor LaVey announced 
to the ffroup gathered in his home on April 30 » 1966 that 
he planned to ore;anize a Church of Satan and assume of- 
fice as its first high priest. With his head shaved af- 
ter the tradition of the early executioneers, he was 
acclaimed by the srroup as their leader. 

BaVey and other members of the group provided 
technical advice for the filming of Rosemary 's Baby . 
Many feel that the showing of this film was the spark 
that ignited the current boom in the "occult craze**. 

As interest in the Church of Satan spread, new 
groups were started in other cities across the United 
States and in some foreign cities also. These local 
groups are called ••grottoes*'. 

Included in organization of the Church of Satan 
was a Council of Nine which is the governing body of the 

Church. This group conferred the Doctorate of Satanic 
Theology, Order of the Trapezoid, upon its high priest 
Anton Szandor LaVey. 

When the membership reached the ten thousand 
mark, the figures were no longer released. Officials 
state that the membership continues to grow. 


While frequently alluding to traditional church 

doctrines and terms throughout the S atanic Bible, the 

author is quick to point out that the Satanist rejects 

the doctrinal teachings and dogmas of the Christian 

Church. An assumption .which I had made prior to any 

investigation was that the Church of Satan was a group 

that acknowledged Satan as the deity they worshipped, 

and that their intent was to oppose the program of the 

Christian Church. Such is not the case, according to 

their own literature, 

Satanism has been frequently misrepresented as , 
•devil worship* when, in fact, it constitutes a clear 
rejection of all forms of worship as a desirable cow- 
Tionent of the personality. It is not so much an anti- 
religion— a simple rebuttal of any one belief— as it 
is an unrelifrion, an uncompromising dismissal of all 
insubstantial mysticism. As such it represents a far 
more serious threat to organized theologies than do 
the archaic customs of the old demonologies,. , Satan- 
ism is more accurately identified as a disposition 
than as a religion. 2 

A second major philosophical attitude of the group 
has to do with their desire to escape the hypocrisy they 
feel prevails within the Christian Church. Dr. LaVey re- 
peatedly refers to the hypocrisy which he has observed 
among members of the Christian Church. He contends that 

^ The Satanic Bible , p. 1^. 


the church has declared many of the natural desires 
(lusts) of man as sinful; therefore church members 
have been instructed to abstain from these activities. 
When some members yield to these temptations in order 
to satisfy these desires* then to the Satanist these 
members become hypocrites. The Satanist will not al- 
low hypocrisy. Mr. Michael A. Aquino says in his in- 
troduction to the Sat anic Bible , "inexperience is not 
dishonored, but pretentiousness, hypocrisy, and pom- 
pensity are treated with the scorn that they deserve. ••3 

Satanists believe that we as human beings are 
little more than domesticated animals as LaVey asks, 
"...are we not all predatory animals by instinct?"^ 
And in speaking of love he again insinuates by asking, 
"...ia not 'lust and carnal desire* a more truthful 
term to describe love when applied to the continuance 
of the race?"^ that human beings are driven by animal- 
istic desires. 

Insisting that the church has inhibited and re- 
strained aormal and natural desires of man, LaVey at- 
tacks this as the cause for the hypocrisy. A better 

3tsb, p, 15. '^TSB, p, 33. 5tsb, p, 33. 


alternate philosophy for the Satanist is to follow one's 

natural desires without feeling- any guilt about it. 

For two thousand years man has done penance for 
something he never should have had to feel guilt 
about in the first place. We are tired of denying 
ourselves the pleasures of life which we deserve. 
Today, as always, man needs to enjoy himself here 
and now, instead of waiting for his rewards in 
heaven. So, why not have a religion based on in- 
dulgence? Certainly it is consistent with the 
nature of the beast, ^ 

The Christian Church is not the only group to be 
charged as hypocritical. Even some witchcraft groups 
are criticized for, ",,. anyone who pretends to be in- 
terested in magic or the occult for reasons other than 
gaining personal power is the worst kind of hypocrite, ••7 

A third major philosophy of the Church of Satan 
might be described as Darwinian in nature, A great deal 
of attention is focused on the truth that the strong 
will triumph over the weak. LaVey encourages Satanists 
to be certain of their strengths in order to be victor- 
ious! Yet Satanists are to display love for others who 
deserve love. At the same time they are quick to hate 
enemies whom they feel deserve their hatred, 

Satanism represents a form of controlled self- 
ishness. This does not mean that you never do any- 
thing for anyone else. If you do something to make 
someone for whom you care happy, his happiness will 

^TSB, p, 5^. 7tSB, p. 51. 

ff;ive vou n sense of gratification. 

Satanism advocates practicing a modified form 
of the Oolden Rule, Our interpretation of this rule 
is 'Do unto others as they do unto vou't because if 
you 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto 
you,* and they, in turn, treat you badly, it eroes 
asrainst human nature to continue to treat them with 
consideration. You should do unto others as you 
would have them do unto you, but if your courtesy 
is not returned, they should be treated with the 
wrath they deserve. 8 

LaVey clarifies this principle of Satanism by 

explaining that "to love another is to be at his mercy." 

"...if I 'love* them does that not place me at their 

mercy?''9 The true Satanist must feel free to act out 

his honest feelings about others. To be true to one's 

self is to "...hate your enemies with a whole heart, 

and if a man smite you on one check, SMASH him on the 

other! "10 

There are other suggestions in the Sat anic Bible 
concerning one*s interpersonal relationships with other 
individuals. Upon encountering a dependent- type person 
(called the Psychic Vampire) the Satanist is advised to 
follow specific principles in order to cope with such 

Satanism represents responsibility to the re- 
sponsible instead of cor^eern for psychic vampires. 
Psyche r vampires are individuals who drain others 
of their vital energy... is there a person you often 

8tSB, p. 51. 9tSB, p. 32. lOTSB. p. 33. 


call or visit, even though you really don't want to, 
because you know you will feel guilty if you don't? 
Or, do vou find yourself constantly doing favors for 
one who doesn't come forward and ask, but hints? 
Ofter> thP psychic vampire will use reverse psychol- 
ogy saying, 'Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that*,,, 
and you in turn, insist upon doing it,,. the psychic 
vampire is allowed to exist because he cleverly 
chooses conscientious, responsible -DeoDle for his 
victims— people with great dedication to their 
•moral obligations* .. .the traditional way to banish 
a demon or elemental is to recognize it for what it 
is, and exorcise it. Recognition of these modern- 
day demons and their methods is the only antidote 
for their devastating hold over you... And if you are 
a psychic vampire — take heed! Beware of the Satanist— 
he is ready and willing to gleefully drive the pro- 
verbial stake through your heart! H 

In a positive, helpful manner, Dr. LaVey suggests 
what is probably the most constructive item in his book 
when he advises his followers that •• acquire and 
keep friends, one must be willing to give of himself ,, .••^^ 

And finally, the foundational philosophy of the 
entire movement can be described as the practice of fully 
satisfying human desires when they arise within oneself. 
Regardless of what that desire may be, restraints or in- 
hibitions must not prevent these lusts from being satis- 

l^TSB, pv. 75-76, 80. 12^33, p. 78, 


Of primary iTnuortance in determinfi: the of- 
ficial statement of the Church of Satan is a list of 
the "Nine Satanic Statements. "13 

1 Satan represents indulgence , instead of 

2 Satan represents vital existence, instead 
of spiritual pipe dreams! 

3 Satan represents undefiled wisdomi instead 
of hypocritical self-deceit! 

4 Satan represents kindness to those who 
deserve it, instead of love wasted on in*^rates! 

5 Satan represents vengeance, instead of 
turning the other cheek! 

6 Satan represents responsibility to the 
responsible, instead of concern for psychic 

7 Satan represents man as just another ani- 
mal , sometimes better, more often worse than 
those that walk on all-fours, who, because of 
his 'divine spiritual and intellectual develop- 
ment, • has become the most vicious aniwal of all! 

8 Satan represents all of the so-called sins, 
as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional 

9 Satan has been the best friend the church 
has ever had, as he has kept it in business all 
these years! 

THE DOCTRINE OF GOD . Satanists reject the notion that 
they do not believe in God. Mr. Michael A, Aquino states 
that "God is a personalization of the recoffnized mathe- 
matical and mechanical order prevailing throughout the 
known universe. "^^ .. . 

13tSB, p. Z*;. l^Michael A. Aquino, personal letter. 



...the Satanist simply accepts the definition 
which suits him best. Man has always created his 
jEcods, rather than his gods creating him. God is, 
to some, benign — to others terrifying. To the 
Satanist 'God* — by whatever name he is called, or 
by no name at all--is seen as the balancing factor 
in nature, and not as being concerned with suffering.15 

In another reference to God, Dr. LaVey asks, 
"...why not really be honest and if you are going to 
create a god in your image, why not create the god as 
yourself ?"1^ 

Perhaps the closing statement of the introduction 
to the S atanic Bible sets forth the Satanists* position 
best when he says, "The Satanic Bible finally articulates 
what man has instinctively dreaded to proclaim t that he 
himself is potentially divine. "^ 7 

THE DOCTR IN E OF SIN . While the Bible speaks of sin in 
specific language, it is somewhat more difficult to 
learn what the Satanist means by "original sin" as men- 
tioned on page forty-seven. In a rather broad discussion 
of the Satanists* views of the seven deadly sins of the 
Christian Church, Dr. LaVey discusses the sin of sloth- 
fulness and connects it with "lust" and the "original sin". 

Being reluctant to get up in the morning is to be 
guilty of sloth, and if you lie in bed long enough 
you may find yourself committing yet another sin — lust. 
To have the faintest stirring of sexual desire is to be 
guilty of lust. In order to insure the protiagation of 

15tSB, p. 40, 16tsb, p. 96. 17TSB, p. 18. 


huTsamity, nature made lust the second most nowerful 
instinct, the first being self-preservation. Real- 
izing this, the Christian Church made fornication 
the "Original Sin," In this way, they made sure no 
one would escape sin. Your very state of being is 
as a result of sin — the original sin! 18 

While Satanists acknowledge the fact that they 

make mistakes, there is no act of forgiveness sought or 

any act of confession considered. 

Just as the Satanist does not nray to God for 
assistance, he does not pray for forgiveness for his 
wrong doings... The Satanist knows that if praying 
does no good, confessing to another human being, like 
himself, accomplishes even less— and is, furthermore, 
degrading. When a Satanist commits a wrong, he real- 
izes that it is natural to make a mistake— and if he 
is truly sorry about what he has done, he will learn 
from it and take care not to do the same thing again. 19 

THE DOCTRINE OF SATAN . "Satanism is a religion of the 

flesh, the mundane, the carnal— all of which are ruled 

by Satan, the personification of the Left Hand Path, "20 

according to Dr. LaVey. 

In more specific language. Dr. LaVey takes great 

care to provide a complete definition in the Sa.tanic 

Bible of Satan, 

Most Satanists do not accept Satan as an anthro- 
pomorphic being with cloven hooves, a barbed tail, 
and horns. He merely represents a force of nature— 
the powers of darkness which have been named just 
that because no relie;ion has taken these forces out 
of the darkness. Nor has science been able to supply 
technical terminology to this force. It is an un- 
tapped reservoir that few can make use of because 
they lack the ability to use a tool without having 
to first break down and label all the parts which 

18tSB, p. 47, 19TSB, p, 41. 20tsb, p. 52. 


make it run. It is this incessant need to analyze 
which prohibits most people from takins: advantage 
of this many faceted key to the unknown which the 
Satanist chooses to call "Satan". 

Satan, as a srod, demi-sod, oersonal saviour, or 
whatever you wish to call him, was invented by the 
formulators of every relierion on the face of the 
earth for only one TDurt>ose— to preside over man's 
so-called wicked activities and situations here on 
earth. Consequently, anything resulting? in physi- 
cal or mental gratification was defined as "evil"— 
thus assuring a life-time of unwarranted guilt for 
everyone! 21 

THE DOCTRINE OF SEX. According to the Satanic Bible, 

Satanists* activities are not given to that type of 

sexual freedom which is sometimes considered a part of 

other occult groups. 

Satanism does advocate sexual freedom, but only 
in the true sense of the word. . .freedom to either be 
faithful to one person or to indulge your sexual de- 
sires with as many others as you feel is necessary 
to satisfy your particular needs, 

Satanism does not encourage orgiastic activity 
or extra marital affairs for those to whom they do 
not come naturally, 

Satanism condones any type of sexual activity 
which properlv satisfies your individual desires- 
be it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even 
asexual, if you choose, Satanism also sanctions 
anv fetish or deviation which will enhance your 
sex-life, so long as it involves no one who does 
not wish to be involved, 

Satanism encourasres any form of sexual expres-* 
sion you may desire, so long as it hurts no one 
else. This statement must be qualified, to avoid 
misinterpretation. By not hurting another, this 
does not include the unintentional hurt felt by 
those who might not agree with your views on sex, 
because of their anxieties regarding sexual morality. 
Naturally, you should avoid offending others who mean 

21TSB, TO. 62. 


a lot to you, such as prudish friends and relatives. 
However, if you earnestly endeavor to escape hurting 
them, and despite your efforts they accidentally find 
out, you cannot be held responsible, and therefore 
should feel no frxiilt as a result of either your sexual 
convictions, or their beiner hurt because of these con- 

...therefore, Satanism does not advocate rane, 
child molestinfi^, sexual defilement of animals or any 
other form of sexual activity which entails the par- 
ticipation of those who are unwilling or whose inno- 
cence or naivete would allow them to be intimidated 

or misguided into doing something against their 
wishes, 22 

recent years by some groups who claimed to be serving or 
worshipping 'Satan* has prompted the Church of Satan to 
counter these boasts by making certain that everyone 
understand it does not practice or believe in human sac- 
rifice, in the literal sense. 

The use of a human sacrifice in a Satanic rit- 
ual does not imply that the sacrifice is slaughtered 
•to atjpease the srods.* Symbolically, the victim is 
destroyed through the working of a hex or curse... 
the fact of the matter is that if the 'magician' is 
worthy of his name, he will be uninhibited enough to 
release the necessary force from his own body, in- 
stead of from an unwilling and undeserving victim! 
Contrary to all established magical theory, the re- 
lease of this force is NOT effected in the actual 
spilling of blood, but in the death throes of the 
living creature! 23 

To their credit. Dr. LaVey points out that they 

would not condone the slaughtering of any animal for the 

purpose of using it as a sacrifice. "Under NO circumstances 

would a Satanist sacrifice any animal or baby! "2^ 

22tsB, pp. 66-70. 23TSB. pp. 87-88. 2^t«sb, n. 89. 


Perhaps the allusion to the possible sacrifice of a baby 

is rather startling, until one remembers that historically, 

certain demonologists and devil worshippers were reported 

to have sacrificed aborted infants in the "Black Mass", 25 

The usual assumption is that the Satanic ceremony 
or service is always called a black mass, A black 
mass is not the magical ceremony practiced by Satan- 
ists. The Satanist would only employ the use of a 
black wass as a form of psychodrama. Furthermore, a 
black mass does not necessarily implv that the per- 
formers of such are Satanists,^^ 

THE DOCTRINE OF LIF E AFTER DEATH. As in many other areas, 
there are no direct, affirmative statements which define 
what the Satanists actually believe in this matter. It 
is clear that the Christian concept of life after death 
is irejected. Those Oriental and Eastern mystical relig- 
ions that believe in reincarnation are dismissed as era- 
ploying these as "...a beautiful fantasy world in which 
a person can find the proper avenue of ego-expression, 
but at the same time claim to have dissolved his ego,"27 

In describing the attitude of the Satanist, Dr, 
LaVey contends that Satanists are different from those 
who depend on religion, in that Satanists live life to 
its fullest on this earth, "...there is a great dread 
attached to dying. This is as it should be. It is this 

25Anton Szandor LaVey, Th e Satanic Rituals (New 
York I Avon Books, 1972), pp. 32-33. 

26^36, p. 100. 27TSB, p. 93. 


lust for life which will allow the vital person to live 

on after the inevitable death of his fleshly shell. "28 

In the same chapter he repeats, 

If a person has heen vital throue:hout his life 
and has fourht to the end for his earthly existence, 
it is this e?o which will refuse to die, even after 
the expiration of the flesh which housed it, 29 

While the thought of one's e^ro continuin,^ to live 
on earth following physical death sounds attractive to 
anyone who has en.ioyed living, the author simply fails 
to even suggest how this will hapnen. There is no hint 
for the reader to understand exactly what this ••life" 
which is called ••life after death through the fulfill- 
ment of the ego''^0 actually means. This writer can 
simply state that the Satanists have rejected all re- 
ligious explanations of life after death without defin- 
ing or detailing what they believe. At best, one can 
say that the Satanist who has attempted to fully gratify 
his ego while on earth can look forward to an eternal 
•ego* which will exist in some form, in some way, and in 
some place upon earth after physical death. As Dr, LaVey 
explains, the ego will continue to live much like 

,,,the small child who refuses to go to bed when 
there is something exciting going on, and when once 
put to bed, will sneak down the stairs to peek through 
the curtain and watch. It is this child-like vitality 
that will allow the Satanist to peek through the 

28tsb, p, 92. 29TSB, p, 9^. 30tsb. p. 91. 


curtain of darkness and death and remain earth- 
tound . 31 

How this is to be accomplished, or what the effect 

on those living is not discussed. In fact, the chapter 

concludes with j?eneral statements about suicide and the 

stupidity of religious martyrdom, 

THE DOCTRINE OF HEAVEN AND HEL L. One learns more easily 

the teaching of the Church of Satan on this subject as 

specific reference is made by Dr. LaVey in "The Book of 

Satan, IV" when he writes, 

There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell 
where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of 
torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here 
and now is our opportunity! 32 

Additional comments about heaven and hell would 
indicate that Satanists refuse to accept life after 
death as taught by the Church with regard to heaven and 
hell. Such comments as, "...the false doctrine of Hell 
and the Devil has allowed the Protestant and Catholic 
Churches to flourish far too long, "33 

In attempting to counter certain mistaken con- 
cepts of Satanism which are generally accepted by the 
public. Dr. LaVey rejects heaven and hell by saying. 

To become a Satanist, it is unnecessary to sell 
your soul to the Devil or make a pact with Satan. 
This threat was devised by Christianity to terrorize 
people so they would not stray from the fold. With 

3ITSB, p. 9^. 32giSB, p. 33. 33TSB, p. 55. 


scolding finfi;ers and tremblinff voices, they taught 
their followers that if they gave in to the temp- 
tations of Satan, and lived their lives according 
to their natural predilections, they would have to 
pay for their sinful pleasures by giving their 
souls to Satan and suffering in Hell for all eter- 
nity. People were led to believe that a pure soul 
was a passport to everlasting life, 3^ 

It is apparent, then, in the light of the pre- 
ceding, that Satanists believe the only 'glory' of 
heaven or 'torment* of hell will be experienced here 
on this earth. 



■y .■•>. ,1 

3^TSB, p, 61. 


The Church of Satan is organized, incorporated, 
and protected by California State Law as a recognized 
relifrious ora-anization. The Internal Revenue Service, 
however, does not list them as a religious organization 
for which contributions can be deducted on one's Fed- 
eral Income Tax Return. ^^ 

The only reference to wembershio in the Church 
of Satan is made in the Satanic Bible and states that 
"...there are no Satanic missionaries, and to affili- 
ate one must meet exacting standards, "36 x veiled ref- 
erence to the matter is contained in the following i 

An imnortant point to remember in the practice 
of any magic ritual or ceremony iss if you depend 
upon the activities within the chamber to provide 
or sustain a social climate, the ensuing energy-- 
conscious or otherwise— directed toward these ends 
will negate any results you wish to obtain through 
the ritual! The line is fine between the desira- 
bility for close rapport between participants, and 
one's need per se for close rapport. The ritual 
will suffer if there is a single person in the cham- 
ber who drains the substance from it by his ulterior 
motives. Hence it is better to have three partici- 
pants who are 'with it* than twenty who are and 
three who sre riot. The most effective rituals are 
often the most solitarv. This is why it is prerios- 
terous to attemnt a ritual or ceremony with out- 
siders present who haopen to be 'sincerely inter- 
ested* or 'want to find out more about it* or 

35District Office of the IRSj Manhatten, New 
York, Telenhone conversation of April 12, 1973, 

36tsb, p, 15 



•want to see what it's like,' 

A philosophical coimnitraerit is a prereauisite 
for acceptance into ritualistic activities, and this 
serves as a rudimentary screeninisc process for organ- 
ized Satanism. Consenuently, a degree of compati- 
bility — necessary to a successful working — exists 
within the chamber. Of course, anyone can say, *! 
believe,* simply to gain access. It will be up to 
the discerning magician to determine actual sin- 
cerity. Because Lesser Magic is evervday magic, a 
finely attuned sense of discrimination is essential 
for all accomplishment. In addition, one of the 
most important •commandments* of Satanism ist 
Satanism demands study — not worship! 37 

To become a member of the Church of Satan, •*... 

applicants complete a coranrehensive questionnaire, which 

is reviewed by the central grotto on an individual-case 

basis. "38 

ORGANIZATION OF THE GHBRgH . The ruling body of the 
Church of Satan is the Council of Nine which is headed 
by LaVey. These members make appointments to the various 
ranks within the organization of the Church and generally 
control the direction of the organization. 

There are five decrees of membership in the Church 
of Satan. They aret 

1° - Satanist (registered member of the Church) 

IT^ - Warlock (male) / Witch (female) 

III® - Priest or Priestess of Mendes 

IVO - Wagister (male) / Magistra (female) 

yo - Magus (held by Dr. LaVey) 

The first two de^J-rees encompass the lay membership. 
The last three delineate the hierarchy of the Church — 
the Order of the Trapezoid. Admission to the Order in- 
volves considerations as serious as those pertaining to 
clerical orders in other religious disciplines. The 

37 The Satanic Rituals , p. 19. 
38n(ichael A. Aquino, personal letter. 


style of life of candidates for the Priesthood is 
amonp: such considerations, but it is by no means 
accorded inannropriate wei/=^ht, Notei The title 
of Apprentice is used for the 1° under ceremonial 
circumstances • 39 

It appears that Anton LaVey is indeed the real 

leader of the e-roun, literally exercising dictatorial 

powers with regard to the movement, 

M EMBERS AND MILITARY SERVICE ^ Mr. Michael A. Aquino has 

written the followine- which might be considered an example 

of what a Church official would say to a member asking him 

for advice. Mr. Aquino served in the Army in a combat 

branch while holding a Regular Commission. He was at the 

same time a Priest of the Church of Satan (111°) and his 

comments in this area are both based on his experience in 

the military and as an official of the Church i 

As a citizen of the United States, you have a 
social obligation to serve in the military if called 
upon to do so. Insofar as your official responsibili- 
ties are concerned, your conscience must become that 
of your commander, and ultimately that of the Presi- 
dent, Your Satanic interests and activities must be 
kept separate and distinct from those of the military. 
Where the two come in conflict, your responsibility 
as a soldier must take immediate priority— particu- 
larly since the safety of others besides yourself may 
be involved. If you cannot reconcile your personal 
philosonhy with the mental discipline required of a 
soldier, then you should resiern from the service as 
soon as you are legally able to do so. 

The Church of Satan will not endorse a reauest 
for conscientious objector status, inasmuch as we 
feel that all true philosophers object to war. To 
honor one person's arrogance over another's pragma- 
tism would be inconsistent with the ethics upon 

39Michael A. Aquino, personal letter. 


which the Church was founded. As for draft evasion, 
we believe that a person who rejects the more dis- 
tasteful responsihilities of his citizenship has no 
riffht to its benefits. A social contract must be 
mutually binding: or it does not exist. 

Other comments by Mr. Aquino indicate that the 

Church of Satan rejects any idea of a Corps of Chaplains 

within the military. Based on their understanding of the 

Judaic/Christian approach, the very existence of military 

chaplains is inconsistent with the commandment, "Thou 

Shalt not kill." 



The formal rites of the Church of Satan have been 
provided in the Satan i c BTblex with a companion volume, 
the Satanic Ritu als, adding several more "t»roductions" as 
Dr. LaVey refers to them,^® "Ritual and fantasy play a 
very real part in the activities of the Satanic Church,,."^^ 
accordins: to Mr, Michael A. Aquino. It is quite difficult 
for one to understand the rituals of the church in an ob- 
jective manner, however, for "...the essence of Satanic 
ritual, and Satanism itself, if taken up out of lo^ic 
rather than des-oeration, is to objectively enter into a 
subiective state." 

To assist those who are leading these rituals it 
is important to have the essential properties, " 
ritual magic is dependent upon eraotional intensity for 
success, all manner of emotion producing devices must be 
employed in its practice, "^^ 

There are three types of rituals. 

Each of these correspond to a basic human 
emotion. The first of these we shall call a sex 
ritual, A sex ritual is what is commonly known 

^°TSR, p. 17, ^^TSB, p, 14, 
^^TSR, p, 15. ^^Ibid. 



as a love charm or spell. The purpose in perform- 
ing such a ritual is to create desire on the part 
of the person whom you desire, or to summon a sex 
partner to fulfill your desires. 

The second type of ritual is of a compas- 
sionate nature. The compassion, or sentiment rit- 
ual is performed for the purpose of helping others, 
or helping oneself. 

The third motivating force is that of destruc- 
tion. This is a ceremony used for anger, annoyance, 
disdain, contempt, or just plain hate. It is known 
as a hex, curse, or destroying agent. ^^ 

For the Satanist to be considered a successful 
participant in the rituals of the church, he must be 
fully aware of the magical qualities which are made pre- 
requisites for the rituals. Dr. LaVey has even gone so 
far in his Satanic Bible as to provide a six-point check 
list for the leader to observe before beginning the 
ritual . 

Having made the proper provisions for the room, 
the participants, costumes, materials, congregations, 
and devices that are needed, the person who is to per- 
form the ritual then embarks upon the thirteen step 
ritual which is carefully explained in "The Book of 
Belial- of the Satanic Bible, ^5 

During the early part of the service, an "Invo- 
cation to Satan" and "Infernal Names" are read aloud by 
the priest. Later in the ritual, at Step •9*, the 
"...priest reads aloud appropriate invocation for re- 
spective ceremonyt Lust, Compassion, or Destruction,"^" 

^^TSB, pp. 114-115. ^5ibid,, p, 131. ^^Ibid. 


Devices which are to be used in the Satanic 
Rituals are as follow t 

CLOTHING . Black is chosen for the attire in the 
ritual chamber because it is symbolic of the 
Powers of Darkness, Sexually appealing cloth- 
ing is worn by woraen for the rjurpose of stimi- 
latins: the emotions of the male participants, 
and thereby intensifying the outnourinff of 
adrenal or bio-electrical enerp-y which will 
insure a more powerful workinir,^7 

THE ALTAR . "Satanism is a religion of the flesh, 
rather than of the spirit? therefore, an altar of 
flesh is used in Satanic ceremonies. "^^ Where it is 
not possible or practical to use a nude woman for the 
altar, it is acceutable for her to be clothed or at 
least partially covered, 

SYMBOL OF BAPHOMET . An intricate part of the chamber 
where the ritual is to be held is the large symbol 
that is basic to Satanism. The Baphomet is a penta- 
gram that is inverted " perfectly accomimodate 
the head of the goat— its horns, representing duality, 
thrust upwards in defiance j the other three points in- 
verted, or the trinity denied, "'^^ it is placed on the 
wall above the altar. 

CANDLES. "Only black and white candles are to be used 
in Satanic ritual. Never use more than one white can- 
dle? but as tnany black candles as are required to il- 
luminate the ritual chamber may be used. "50 

^?TSB, p. 135. ^^ibid, ^9lbid., p. 136. 


BELL . Should have a loud and penetrating sound! 
CHALICE , It is preferable to have one made of silver, 
but Satanists are strictly forbidden to use one that is 
gold — for gold has been associated with heaven too much! 
ELIXIR . The Satanist uses liquor to stimulate his emo- 
tions for the ritual, according to the Satanic Bible . 
"The Elixir of Life is to be drunk from the Chalice of 
Ecstasy, as indicated above, immediately following the 
Invocation to Satan. "51 

S WOPP . Suggesting the symbol of aggressive force, the 
sword Is used several times throughout the ritual. If 
a sword is not available or practical, then other de- 
vices such as a knife, cane, or staff may be used. 
PHALLUS. Suggesting: that Christians, and Catholics in 
particular, have taken the idea of fertility which the 
phallus represents and have misappropriated it to mean 
basically the same in the use of a •holy water sprinkler' 52 
Dr. LaVey continues to demonstrate his unique, blasphemous 
imagination. Although not a requirement for all Satanic 
rituals. Step *8* of the Satanic Ritual is a •♦.,, bene- 
diction with the phallus (if one is used). "53 Suitable 
symbols may be substituted, but in rituals where the phal- 
lus Is used the instructions are quite explicit. "The 
phallus is held in both hands of one of the priest •s 

51tsb, p. 138, '^^TSB» p. 139. 53tsb, p. 131. 


assistants, and methodically shaken twice towards each 
cardinal point of the compass, for the benediction of 
the house. "54 

GONG, Its purpose in the ritual is to call upon the 
forces of Darkness. 

PARCHMENT . "The parchment is the means by which the 
written message or reoueat can be consumed by the can- 
dle flame and sent out into the ether. "55 

The "productions "56 described by Dr. LaVey in 
the Satanic RitoalB , include two from Prance, two from 
Germany, one from Russia, one fromri the ancient empire 
of Yezidi, and four from the United States. Of the 
four from the United States, two are the Satanic bap- 

Even though Dr. LaVey insists that sexual activi- 
ty is not the most important factor of the Satanic reli- 
j?ion,57 his preferred form of Satanic rituals sus-p-est 
that carnality is the central theme! By his own admission 
he states that the goal of experiencin«r a "...more powerful 
working"58 in the ritual is achieved by stimulating the 
emotions of the male participants through the wearing- of 
sexually appealing clothing by the women. If any consis- 
tency can be found, one could assume that the more stimu- 
lating these activities could be, the more powerful the 

54tsb, p, 139. 55TSB, pp. 139-1^0. 56tsr, p, 17, 
57tSB, p. 66. 58tsb, p. 135. 


results. Whether the actual, literal devices are used 
in the majority of their rituals or whether substitutes 
are used one cannot he sure. Throughout his writings, 
Dr, LaVey has provided some substitute for each of the 
items or acts which could be questioned on the basis of 
our current normative standards. Yet, this writer 
doubts that substitutes are resrularly accented by the 
participants, ^ 


Without spending: an inordinate amount of time or 
space in examining the text of the Satanic Bible, I do 
want to discuss three general impressions which have re- 
sulted from rav study of the book, 

WRITING STYLE , The text of the book does not represent 
that level of competency that one would expect. It is 
best described as aji acceptable level of colloquialism 
and common cliches. 

Typical of such examples is one found on ps^e 
twenty-one, •',,,been written dovm"} on page twenty-nine, 
",,, centuries of shouting down,,,"; and on page forty- 
five, •*,,, hates himself to death,,, **, 

While acceptable for certain types of literature, 
it is rather astonishing to believe that this reflects 
the best, official, authoritative literature of the 
Church of Satan! 

CREDIBILITX OF TEXT. By the time the reader has completed 
the introduction, he is convinced that Dr. LaVey's approach 
to the subject will be quite different. There are sugges- 
tions in the beginning that the author is not concerned 
with the "lies" and "misrepresentations" of the Christian 
Church and therefore is about to offer a better alternative. 
How interesting, though, to find that throughout the entire 



text there are repeated references made to Christianity, 
The g:rave8t problem, however, arises in the area 
of theology on page forty-seven where Dr, LaVey blatantly 
misrepresents the Church's historic position! The pas- 
sage reads, 

In order to insure the propagation of humanity, 
nature made lust the second most powerful instinct, 
the first beiner self-preservation. Realizing- this, 
the Christian Church made fornication the 'Original 
Sin,' In this way they made sure no one would es- 
cape sin. Your very state of being is as a result 
of sin— the Original sin! 

Neither Roman Catholic theology rcr Protestant 
theology teaches this! The 'Original Sin' was a sin of 
disobedience and willful defiance. It may sound enlight- 
ening to those who delight in discrediting the Christian 
Church, but it destroys any amount of credibility that 
the author may have had prior to such baseless assumptions. 
There are other examples throughout the book which the 
reader will find. 

ORIGINA LITY OP TEXT . Of p-eneral concern to writers is the 
need to be fresh and original in their work, A book with 
the rather shocking title of The Satanic Bible elicited 
rather strange assumptions on my own part about what the 
text would have to say. With ray background of studies on 
the subject of demons and Satan, I was interested to learn 
what was contained in this new book. 

Upon realizing that the major thrust of the book 


results from the Biblical (Christian) views of Satan, 
I felt the frustration of one who reads a novel to find 
that the same general story had been published some time 
ago — yet written far better! If all references in the 
Satani c Bible to the Christian views were removed, plus 
other sections that are based largely upon other writings, 
the text would not satisfy the basic needs for which it 
was written. There is a desperate lack of original 
thinking in the book. 

For example, on page thirty, we read "...TRUE 
prince of evil — the king of the slaves!" which reminds 
one of Matthew 27j37, "...this is Jesus the King of the 
Jews." Again on page thirty we read, "I blast out the 
ghastly contents of philosophically whited sepulchers 
and laugh with sardonic wrath!" which reminds one of 
Matthew 23i27, "...for ye are like unto whited sepul- 
chres. . .". 

In examining these similarities I found over 
twenty such phrases that are apparently based on ref- 
erences from the Bible. There is indeed very little 
left that can be described or claimed as original in 
our time. Yet how ironic that one who professes to de- 
spise and reject the Christian Church, seems to be guilty 
of depending upon it and its literature as a basis for 
his own thinking and writing! 


It is ray Tiersonal belief that the Church of Satan 
does not seek to exist as a church or religious body for 
the Tourpose of worshiDping an identifiable deity, or for 
the humane reason of serving their fellow men. Instead, 
their principle goal for such an oriS-anization is to pro- 
vide some shelter amonsr a restricting society wherein 
they can pursue their individual, carnal lusts. With 
this form of protection which resulted from the recog- 
nition of their •church • in the State of California, 
there is wider acceptance of the group and probably less 
threat or question by outsiders. 

Based on my own position as a minister of the 
Gospel, I cannot endorse or condone the principles or 
activities of the Church of Satan, While there are some 
ideas or interests that are acceptable and positive, to 
accept their foundational position is not possible for 
me, ,- 

There will be many, both in the civilian and in 
the military communities, that will be attracted to the 
Church of Satan and other occult groups, I am fully 
aware that many will reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
which I renresent. Yet, the fact that many will reject 
what T believe is true and accept that which I believe to 



be false cannot be the basis for rethinking or accommo- 
dating myself and my convictions. 

Were I faced with the responsibility of either 
approving or disapproving their reouest for the use of 
Army facilities for the conduct of their rituals and 
ceremonies I would disapprove such a request for the 
following reasons! 

1 , There is reasonable doubt as to whether they 
constitute a religious group, formed for the purpose of 
worship as commonly recognized by our American heritage. 

2, k literal application of their teachings, 
carried to its fullest extent, would present serious prob- 
lems within the military community with regard to inter- 
personal relationships. I refer to their insistence on 
the need to express negative feeliners without normal 
restraints. To 'SMASH one on the other cheek', or to 
retaliate when one feels wronged by another. Within any 
regimented society, suneriors will inevitably incur neg- 
ative feelings on the part of subordinates. Faced with 
these realities, a true Satanist would need to eventually 
respond on the basis of his hatred without the inhibi- 
tions that our society recognizes as valuable and necessary 
for specific occasions, 

3, Certain rituals and ceremonies in their meetings 
would introduce undesirable conflicts with other religious 
groups that would be unacceptable, if practiced in the 


same manner that they have been conducted in the cast. 
By way of illustration, I refer snecifically to the rit- 
ual of the 'Black Mass*. For Catholic priests to learn 
that consecrated hosts had been stolen for a Satanic 
Ritual would produce irreconcilable tensions within the 
military religious community. 

4. The practice of nudity in their rituals, how- 
ever secreted, would be offensive to many, and unaccept- 
able to civil laws which now exist in many places, 

5. The rituals and basic orientation of the 
group is strictly critical and blasphemous in nature 

with regard to most other religious groups. This position 
and practice runs counter to current policies and guide- 
lines for religious coverage within the United States 
Army as enunciated by the Department of Army through the 
Office of the Chief of Chaplains. 

Chaplain (CPT), USA 
16 April 1973 



Baskin, Wade. Dictionary of Satanism, Secaucusi New 
Jersey! The Citadel'Press, 1972. 

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"Occult J A Substitute Faith," Time Magazine . 
June 19, 1972, pp, 62-68". 

Vachon, Brian, "Witches Are Rising," Look Magazine , 
August 24, 1971. pp. 40-44, : """^ 



Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey 

Central Grotto, The Church of Satan 

San Francisco, California 

Phone t (415) 752-3583 

Magister IV Michael A, Aquino 

The Church of Satan 

P.O. Box 243 

Santa Barbara, California 93102 

Lilith Grotto 

Church of Satan 

P.O. Box 23 

SDotswood, New Jersey 08884 

Dr. Clate A. Risley, President 
Worldwide Christian Education Ministries 
5500 West Division Street 
Chicaero, Illinois 60651 
Phone: (312) 626-5050 

Dr. M. Thomas Starkes, Secretary 

Home Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention 

Department of Interfaith Witness 

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/fL..*^^t '" ^^ * n^^jR "-^ ' - f fie: '^5ox 2 4 3 

' ■' ^&^iSI^ .^arda xarbara, vTauf. 93102 

March 30, VIII 

Chaplain (Captain) Cecil D. Lewis 
United States Army Chaplain School #C-22 
Fort Hamilton, New York 11252 

Dear Chaplain Lewis: 

Thank you for your recent letters and the copy of your research 
paper on the Church of Satan. I am returning the manuscript to you 
under separate cover. 

On the whole I consider it to be one of the most thorough, objec- 
tive, and perceptive analyses of Satanism yet advanced by a profes- 
sional from another religious persuasion. Such comments as I have are 
noted on the margins. 

Tlie only passage I take serious exception to in its present form 
is noted on page #11, where you say that Dr. LaVey's "logic is interest- 
ing if not sound!" It is your right to make such an evaluation, of 
course, but in such case it is only fair for you to state just why the 
logic is unsound. Otherwise it is propaganda, not criticism. And while 
propaganda may be acceptable on the pulpit, I question its place in a 
research paper. 

Other than the aforementioned passage, we have no objection to the 
paper - complete with the Satanic Bible ^ Satanic Rituals quotations - 
being published in its present form. My other comments are intended for 
your own information. There are two points, however, to which you might 
care to give particular consideration. First, Anton Szandor LaVey holds 
the Doctorate of Satanic Theology conferred by the Council of Nine, Or- 
der of tlie Trapezoid. If you would refer to him as "Dr." rather than as 
"ivlr." LaVey, we would sincerely appreciate it. 

Secondly, there are two items which, while reported directly, are 
factually misleading. The first is on page #28, where Dr. Starkes in- 
cludes all those silly oaths in our membership requirements. There is 
no oath connected with membership in the Church of Satan, Tliere is an 
oath contained in the Satanic baptism ceremony [which you may read for 
yourself] , but completion of this rite is neither required nor even 
expected of our members. 

[As to where Dr. Starkes may have received his information, I haven't 
the slightest idea! Home Missions magazine did an article on us about one 


year ago, so he should have known better.] 

Tlie second item which is somewhat erroneous is the Time quotation 
beginning on page #28. I myself explained our degree system and stan- 
dards to Time 's Religion Editor, and I am at a loss to say how lie made 
such a mess~out of it. Our members do not "jockey for upward mobility" 
via our degrees, nor are our Priests and Priestesses selected as care- 
lessly as the passage implies. 

There are five degrees of membership in the Qiurch of Satan. They 

1° - Satanist (registered member of the Qiurch) 
11° - Warlock (male) /Witch (female) 
111° - Priest or Priestess of Mendes 
IV° - Magister (male)/r4agistra (female) 
V° - Magus 

The first two degrees encompass our lay membership. The last three 
delineate the hierarchy of the Church - the Order of the Trapezoid. Ad- 
mission to the Order involves considerations as serious as those pertain- 
ing to clerical orders in other religious disciplines. The style of life 
of candidates for the Priesthood is among such considerations, but it is 
by no means accorded inappropriate weight. Note: The title of Apprentice 
is used for the 1° under ceremonial circumstances. 

Before closing I should like to comment upon our official position 
with regard to the military. I imagine that this should be of particular 
interest to the Chaplain School. During my own active duty with the Army 
I held both a Regular commission in a combat branch and the 111° in the 
Cliurdi of Satan. During that time I was asked by the Church to ascertain 
whether it should seek representation in the Corps of Chaplains. After 
reviewing the pertinent regulations, I submitted a negative recommenda- 
tion. It was based upon two general conclusions: 

(1) De Facto the military chaplain's role must be the moral support 
of the coiinander's military decisions as they affect the personalities of 
the soldiers in the command. Technically, of course, chaplains are free 

to speak their mind. The facts of warfare, however, demand that a success- 
ful unit be morally unified - that every officer and man be convinced of 
the "righteousness" of the commander's decisions. A Satanic chaplain would 
almost certainly clash with this requirement sooner or later. Tlie indivi- 
dual will is sacred to us; while we reject anarchy as impractical, we can- 
not officially sanction its opposite extreme. 

(2) Qiaplains of many separate faitlis coexist in the Corps of Qiap- 
lains, sensing no inconsistency in this. The Qiurch of Satan, on the other 
hand, was founded on the theory that theist religion is a social parasite 
and an insult to the human intellect. IVhile we may respect the rights and 
opinions of theist officials on an individual basis, we will not dignify 
their cause by recognizing it as a philosophical equal to our o\m. 


Consequently our guidance to Satanists in the American armed forces 
has been something like this: 

"As a citizen of the United States, you have a social obligation to 
serve in the military if called upon to do so. Insofar as your official 
responsibilities are concerned, your conscience must become that of your 
commander, and ultimately that of the President. Your Satanic interests 
and activities must be kept separate and distinct from those of the mili- 
tary. IVhere the two come in conflict, your responsibility as a soldier 
must take immediate priority - particularly since the safety of others 
besides yourself may be involved. If you cannot reconcile your personal 
philosophy with tlie mental discipline required of a soldier, then you 
should resign from the service as soon as you are legally able to do so. 

"Tlie Church of Satan will not endorse a request for conscientious 
objector status, inasmuch as we feel that all true philosophers object to 
war. To honor one person's arrogance over another's pragmatism would be 
inconsistent with the ethics upon which the Church was founded. As for 
draft evasion, we believe that a person who rejects the more distasteful 
responsibilities of his citizenship has no right to its benefits. A social 
contract must be mutually binding or it does not exist." 

This is not a direct quote from a Cliurch document. Consider it rather 
an example of what a Church official might say to a member asking him for 
advice. Over the past several years we have found such a position to serve 
both our best interests and those of the United States. Certainly it re- 
quires unusual mental discipline on the part of the Satanist who may dis- 
agree with existing military or political policies. Nevertheless we feel 
that those who are unable to master their own minds are not qualified to 
be Satanists to begin with. 

Concerning the Judaic/ Christian approach, we consider it to be flatly 
inconsistent with the commandment of their god: Thou shalt not kill. No 
ajiiount of rationalization, we feel, /an abrogate that simple sentence. In 
this context, the very existence of fa Corps of Chaplains is a mockery of 


Mid\ael A. Aquino 
Magi\ter IV° 





"Office Box 2 43 

Chaplain (Captain) Cecil D. Lewis 
United States Army Chaplain School #C-22 
Fort Hamilton, New York 11252 

March 13, VIII 

Dear Qiaplain Lewis: 

Thanl^ you for your inquiry to the Allied Literary Company, which 
was forwarded to our Central Grotto in San Francisco. The High Priest 
has asked me to respond on his behalf. 

You are welcome to quote from the Satanic Bible with this single 
provision: Before publication of your paper in any form, it must be 
sent to us for review. Our object is simply to insure that the state- 
ments taken from the Satanic Bible are not quoted out -of- context. We 
have no desire to censor any value judgements you may make; we wish 
only to ascertain that included factual data concerning our Cnurch is 
accurate . 

If this provision seems unduly prohibitive on our part, it is be- 
cause the Church of Satan has suffered more than a few times at the 
hands of journalists, writers, and researchers. Too frequently we have 
been interpreted not on the basis of the abstract philosophy we espouse, 
but on the basis of the interviewer's personal fears, prejudice, and - 
quite possibly - suppressed desires! 

You should also be aware of the fact that, while the Church has not 
sought representation in the Corps of Chaplains, many of our members and 
officials hold commissioned or enlisted positions in various branches of 
the United States armed forces. 

For information concerning the Church in the New York City area, you 
may write to: Lilith Grotto, Church of Satan; Post Office Box #23; Spots- 
wood, New Jersey 08884. Thank you agMn for your inquiry, and best wishes 
for the success of your research profiect, 



Sat m 

Mictael A. Aquino 
MagiBter IV°